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Car Loans for Doctors

Buying a car with finance requires a lot of looking around to secure the best possible rate and the right conditions for you. Let us help, through our networks of lenders we can source car finance for doctors at rates not available anywhere else.

Car Loans for Doctors

We are your lending broker specialising in car loans for doctors. We have access to more than 30 specialised products which means you will get the right doctor car loan for your vehicle purchase.

With us, by your side, we will have your finance approved TODAY so that you can get your car, boat, bike, or equipment sooner.

Why Choose us?

We are your finance expert and we are 100% in your corner when it comes to securing the best possible doctor car loan deal. We are here to help fund your new purchase and will make finding finance simple. But it doesn’t stop there; we also ensure your new purchase is covered with insurance and warranties wherever possible. We understand that the process of finding new finance can be a hassle – but that’s where we come in. We make car loans for doctors simple:

  • High approval rates for doctors
  • No worrying about paperwork
  • Fast and easy loan approvals
  • Low interest rates

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Pre-approved finance

Looking for a loan? With Cars for Doctors we offer pre-approved finance, so you can secure a purchase sooner. When you’re pre-approved all that’s left is to find the car you want.

Low interest rates

Don’t get stuck with a high interest rate, secure a low rate for the best deal possible and get your loan paid off sooner.

Car loans for doctors

We are specialist lenders for doctors and are here to make your life easier. Contact us to find out more about how we source specialised lending products.

New & used car finance for doctors

New car? We can help. Used car? We can help you there too. Talk with us before you visit a dealership to get into a better bargaining position.

How to Organise Your Finance

Wanting to lease a car? We can help you with that. Under a leasing agreement you have use of the car while the lender retains title. Once your lease is up, you can either buy your car or trade up for a new model.

Want to provide a car for your employees? A novated lease is a great way to do this. We can help you sort out the particulars – just give us a call to find out more.

This type of mortgage allows for a great deal of GST and tax benefits, and if you are buying a car for business purchases, it can be a great way to proceed. Our brokers will be only too happy to discuss this with you – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch about this option.

Looking for a vehicle for your business without having to disrupt your cash flow? A hire purchase agreement allows you to finance your vehicle at 100% with a fixed or flexible term.

If you need a loan but have current bad credit, we can assist you in securing finance anyway. We have successfully helped previous clients with bad debt to achieve their finance and purchase goals.

Are you self-employed? A business owner? You may not have the necessary documents, but we can assist you with your car finance no matter what.

How to Get Approved for Your Doctor Car Loan

Getting approved for your loan is not tough at all – in fact, when you partner with us at Cars for Doctors you’ll find that getting approved is as easy as making a phone call. To ensure that you loan is approved as swiftly as possible you can gather the following documents:

  • Identification
  • Bank statements
  • Payment slips
  • Tax return information
  • Credit card statements
  • Mortgage information

What Can you Afford to Repay?

Wondering what you can afford to repay on your car loan from Cars for Doctors? We can help you to go through the process of finding out what your repayments could be, and how much you can afford to take on as debt. It is important to not overextend yourself, and we can assist you in ensuring that your car payments do not adversely impact on your life.

How to Find Out Your Credit Standing

Are you seeking a doctor car loan but are unsure about your credit history? A low credit score might mean that a car loan may not be approved when it otherwise could be. If you are seeking a car loan from a lender you can get a copy of your credit report from the following organisations:

  • Creditsavvy
  • Credit Simple
  • Finder
  • Getcreditscore

When you are checking your credit score you can actually take some steps to potentially improve it. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Remove duplicate debts
  • Change incorrect debts to reflect accurate amounts
  • Take your name off any debts that aren’t actually yours
  • Change your details to ensure that your debts are correctly listed in terms of names, addresses and information

It is a good idea to review your credit report annually to make sure that there are not fraudulent or incorrect debts which may affect you financially.

If you use a free credit report provider there may be data which is pulled from different reporting agencies, so you might need to do some extra investigation. You may find that your score does vary from one provider to another. Sound confusing? Time consuming? It can be. But that is where we come in. A finance broker can assist you with navigating your credit report and ensuring that your credit score is as good as it can be.

Got Bad Credit? We Can Help with Car Loans for Doctors Like You!

We can assist you by taking a thorough review of your credit report and looking for any inaccuracies like the ones we have mentioned previously. If we find something that can be disputed we can do this for you, and this may raise your score a little higher. If, however, a credit report check does not have an impact on your overall score then it may be worth spending some time establishing better credit before applying.

Bear in mind though, if you do need a car immediately, we do work with lenders who provide bad-credit car loans. If you have questions about this and do have bad credit, we can assist you in ensuring that you understand exactly what the process is and how you can proceed.

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Loan Considerations

If you want to be able to make higher repayments every month, you need a flexible loan where you can make changes to how much you repay. There are different options, each of which has its own advantages. We can help you secure a loan where you have flexible repayment options.

If you have a loan with a variable rate of interest, it means that the monthly repayments may change depending on the prevailing rate.

A fixed rate is a good option for those who wish to be able to budget their loan repayments for the entire term of the loan. But a fixed repayment rate means you won’t be able to take advantage of rate cuts.

Want to make a lower monthly repayment? You can with a balloon payment – but you will need to pay a certain lump sum at the end of the loan. Even if you do not have the amount available at the end, you will have the option to refinance the balloon payment.

Some lenders will give you the ability to make extra payments which means that you can save money on your total amount payable.

Know that you want to pay off your loan early? We can assist you in finding a lender who doesn’t charge fees for early termination.

Our Lenders

We work with a range of specialised lenders who understand the medical lending space and offer attractive rates.

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Working with us has its benefits

Want to be able to finish your loan early? We’ll ensure you don’t get stung with penalty fees with a product that suits you.

Need to borrow an unsecured amount? We’re on your side to find the most favourable rate possible.

Our customers enjoy the following perks when they choose us as their brokers

  • Incredibly high approval rate
  • Fast and easy loan approval process
  • Your car loan at the lowest possible interest rate customised to best suit your personal circumstances
  • Less time for you to spend on documents and time-consuming paperwork
  • Help for both Employed and Self-Employed loan applicants with and without financials

Along with car finance for doctors, we can also assist doctors and medical practitioners in all asset finance needs including clinic fitouts and x-ray machines through our alliance with Medfin.

Get in touch today to find out more and to obtain the best possible finance product at the right price.

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